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Glasgow, Scotland - Mural Trail

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

In our experience each city has at least one thing that really sets it apart, making it unique. Glasgow Scotland has plenty of these, but one of our favorites is the Mural Trail. The city of Glasgow hired artists (most of whom were local) to bring color and life back into the city by using old, tired buildings as the canvas for their creations. The first was painted in 2008 and the mural trail has expanded ever since.

As of this writing, there are 25 murals that are part of the official Mural Trail with a majority of them being in the city center and Merchant City areas. There are also numerous murals not part of the official mural trail but equally impressive.

Here is a small screenshot of the mural map giving you a general idea of their locations around the city. Click on the image to be taken to an interactive mural map.

Here is a comprehensive list of artists with links to their websites and their Instagram accounts (as of Oct. 27, 2019):

Trying to find these public works of art felt a little bit like going on a treasure hunt. More often than not, we found them down alleyways that were accessible only to pedestrians. We think this was a good choice as it made our experience more fun as well as brightened up those drab alleyways that would be very uninteresting otherwise.

[Credit also goes to Megan's mom who happened to be visiting us and helped find a lot of the murals and snapped some of the photos!]

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get to every single mural on the trail, but we did hit quite a few of them. For your viewing pleasure, they are below. Notice how many of them are multiple stories tall!

If you have any shots of the mural trail or have any interesting facts about these amazing pieces of art, leave us a comment below or tag us on social media.


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07. Nov. 2019

The Mural Trail was totally fun! Especially when Eddy tried to get a photo of a mural that was currently behind a scaffolding!

Gefällt mir
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