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Hi there!  We're Eddie and Megan from We Be Trippin'.  We are two 30-something year old professionals that are taking a step away from the typical daily grind to travel around Europe for a year.  


The focus of We Be Trippin' is international travel, personal finance, and squeezing as much adventure out of life as possible! 

If you'd like to read more about Eddie and Megan, check out the About Us page. 

Locations: 2019 and 2020


July '19


Jan '20


Aug '19


Feb '20


Sept '19


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mar '20


OCT '19



Apr '20


Take 2

Nov '19




Dec '19


July '20

Who we Work with

We love to work with tourism boards and local businesses in the cities that we visit.  Don't own a physical store front?  Don't worry!  We work with online businesses that focus on finance and travel as well. 

We do have a fairly narrow focus on Western Europe and Personal Finance and would like to make sure that our partners fall into these categories in some way. 

New budgeting app going live and need help testing or spreading the word? Pick us, pick us!  

Own a boutique hotel that offers a unique experience?  Let us know!

  • Tourism boards

  • Cities

  • Travel agencies

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Travel products

  • Other bloggers

  • Airlines

  • Experiences (tour guides, specialty dining, unique events)

  • Personal finance tech

  • Mobile app developers (finance and travel related)

  • Financial institutions

services we offer

Due to working across multiple online platforms, we offer a wide range of services:

  1. Blog Posts:  Variable length up to 1200 words hosted on the We Be Trippin blog.

  2. Guest Blog Posts: Have your own blog and looking to add another perspective? We've got you covered. 

  3. Social Media Posts:  Cross-platform posts about your company or product. 

  4. Video: Video reviews posted cross platform. 

  5. Photography: Basic photography that can be used in other social media posts. 

  6. Mystery Shopping: Visit your business as a customer and provide an in-depth review (either shared with you directly or posted online).

our audience

We are on several social media platforms, including: We Be Trippin blog, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 


We engage with people from all over the world.  Currently, 80% of our audience is from the US.  Canada, the UK, India, and France round out the top five. 

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