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Mmm Brunch in Glasgow: Singl-End

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Last Updated: 19 Sept 2019

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We all know brunch is everyone's favorite can't deny it. You can’t bring yourself to say it for fear of angering other more established meals of the day. But we understand… we’ll keep your secret.

Assuming you're a brunch-lover at heart, you should check out Singl-End Bakehouse in Glasgow’s Merchant City neighborhood. You will NOT be disappointed.

You can find more information and some mouth watering photos on their social media:

  • Instagram - Singl-End Merchant City

  • Facebook - Singl-End Merchant City

  • Website - this is their main site, they have two locations and we visited the Merchant City location.


  • Price: ££ - Not rock bottom pricing, but still very affordable. Our meal with two coffees and tip came out to £ 30 which is a little steep for breakfast, but as a brunch that fills you up until dinner is much more acceptable.

  • Location: 15 John St, Glasgow G1 1HP - Right in the heart of Merchant City. Not too busy at 11 am on a Wednesday but you may run into a crowd on the weekend.

  • Ambiance: Eclectic and open. The tables are decorated with a mishmash of stamps and postcards and there is an open style kitchen you walk past as you enter into the restaurant. Baked goods piled high really set off the atmosphere.

  • Food: Mouth watering. We ordered two breakfast casseroles (meaty baked eggs and veggie baked eggs) and it was a massive amount of food. The food was tasty and each dish had unique flavoring to it.

  • Service: A+ The wait staff was very attentive and helpful.

Megan and I ate here on a lovely Scottish September Wednesday morning and enjoyed the entire experience.

Walking to our table, we passed piles of fresh baked goods ranging from cakes to scones, giant bowls of supremely scrumptious salads, and an open kitchen where you can see the chef hard at work.

We were sat at an eclectic two top in the middle of the restaurant and were promptly waited on. Megan ordered a latte with vanilla syrup (which is honestly kind of hard to find unless you go to a huge chain that serves super sweet “coffee” drinks). This one was superbly made and wasn't overly sweet, which is perfect.

Eddie got a boring Americano (the closest equivalent to black coffee you'll find in most of Europe).

Vanilla latte in glass on white saucer.
Latte with vanilla syrup. Why in a glass with no handle? We may never know.

We still don’t understand why so many hot drinks are served in glass cups without handles. It makes it very hard to pick up and drink. If there is a special reason for this and someone knows, please let us know in the comments below!

To eat we ordered two breakfast casseroles, which came out piping hot in personal-sized cast iron pans on top of cleverly-made miniature wooden pallets to save the glass table from the heat (oh and our hands).

Meaty Baked Eggs” and “Veggie Baked Eggs” breakfast casseroles on the table.
"Meaty Baked Eggs” and “Veggie Baked Eggs” in all of their glory!

Eddie got the “Meaty Baked Eggs” and Megan chose the “Veggie Baked Eggs” and neither one disappointed. Eddie threw in some sriracha (which we haven’t seen anywhere since our trip began) to spice it up a bit. To top it off, we each had two slices of fresh sourdough bread.

If you’re familiar with a “full English” breakfast, our meals were basically the casserole versions. Everything thrown in and mixed up together. For details, check out the images of the menu at the bottom of this post.

The bill in a tin can on the glass table.
We ended up rounding to £30 to tip our waitress since we didn't have any cash... (bad tourists)

In the end, we could have shared this meal quite easily. Eddie did finish eating everything on his plate (like his momma taught ‘im) but he could have been rolled home for how stuffed he was and Megan brought half of hers home in a "take away" box (which was a much better idea).

All said and done, we paid £30 total by rounding the bill as a tip for our waitress.

We love visiting new brunch spots (mostly because we sleep too late to eat breakfast…) and Singl-End did not disappoint. We would highly suggest giving this spot a go if you’re in the Merchant City area of Glasgow.

Front page of the menu that includes food.
Front page of the menu that includes food.

Back of the menu that covers drinks.
Back of the menu that covers drinks.

Cheers! Eddie+Megan


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