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Introduction: WeBeTrippin was born!

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Hi! We’re Eddie and Megan from WeBeTrippin.

We got married, rented our house, sold our cars, packed our belongings into a storage, and set off an a year-long adventure traveling around Europe!

Call it a mini retirement. Call it a gap year. Call it whatever you wish. We want to enjoy our new life together every step of the way. None of this 'slogging away at our jobs waiting for retirement to finally come.' Carpe diem, dude.

How can we just pick up and move to Europe, you ask? Well, it won’t be simple. Or easy. Below are three of the main reasons we are able to go on the adventure of a lifetime:

1. Managing Our Finances

We’ve been budgeting, saving, and investing very aggressively the past few years. ( shortcuts here.)

No doubt this trip will cost us a significant chunk of change, but we know it will be more than worth it!

2. The Sharing Economy

We’ve been Airbnb Super Hosts for over two years and enjoy hosting guests in our home in the states where they have the guest bedroom and guest bathroom to themselves.

On the flip side, we also book Airbnb listings as part of our travel. They have the added benefit of including basic furnishings, linens, cooking items,...even utilities! An added perk is that hosts often offer a weekly and/or monthly discount. Sign. Us. Up. We will certainly be looking for these types of deals for our housing.

3. A Minimalist Lifestyle

We both subscribe to the idea of minimalism. We try to be intentional about the things we buy since they require a lot of time, money, and energy to acquire, maintain, and store. Only our favorite things have a place in our home. Nothing more.

We will be traveling around Europe with two bags per person. We’ll pack clothes that dry quickly, don’t wrinkle, are good quality, and mix-and-match well with each other.

We also don’t require a whole lot of other personal items outside of a phone and laptop, making it easier to hit the road.

Aside from these three factors, we acknowledge that we have been extremely blessed in our lives for this trip to even be a remote possibility. To our family, friends, teachers, mentors, coworkers, and everyone who has helped us get to where we are today....we are eternally grateful. (*raises a glass*) This one's for you.

Thanks for checking out our blog and we hope you’ll follow along on our adventures!


- Eddie & Megan


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